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BFU - IT Framework

In the past, data was collected through various tools and Excel lists, but today efficiency has increased thanks to the unification in one collection tool. The new framework allows for easier connectivity, is device and location independent, reduces effort for all parties involved and the error rate drops by 80%.


Risks come from not knowing what you're doing

There are now many security tools and security measures that are used in the field of cybersecurity. But are these the right tools for your company? Through a cybersecurity assessment, you will find out where the dangers lie in your company. Learn more about the analysis of risks and how to proceed in our latest blog.


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We have already made these customers and many more successful. Learn more in the following success stories or browse through further references of our projects.

SBB – User Adoption and Cultural Change

TESTEX AG – isolutions as single point of contact for the entire IT infrastructure

Further successes.Further successes.