Modernize your application now and boost your business transformation

Software that is already getting on in years, so-called “legacy” is virtually the legacy of one’s own business activity and efficiency. Often historically grown and highly specific. But even if a lot of money has been spent on maintaining it over the years, compatibility, compliance and performance problems increasingly arise over time. It is time to consider how the software can be renewed.

Our goal: Supporting your business transformation with modern applications

The goal is to develop an individual modernization strategy suitable for your company and to define the appropriate variant for the implementation of the application to be renewed. The isolutions App Modernization Starter Package has the following goals:

  • Develop basis for subsequent implementation
  • Basis for decision – Clear understanding of professional and technical possibilities
  • Kick-off for the App Modernization project
  • Involving the relevant stakeholders
  • Win management as project sponsor
  • Create transparency regarding costs, procedure and planning
  • Ensure protection of investments through iterative approach

Your benefit from resilient and future-proof business applications

Changing business models, rapidly evolving technologies and changing customer needs require applications that are flexible, future-proof and transformative.

Flexible scalability and
high performance

Cost-efficient operation
(Pay what you see)

Best possible security,

Elimination of time-consuming

Easy connection to existing
data sources and systems

Better innovation capability through
shorter, iterative release cycles

Use the checklist to find out if your company can benefit from an app modernization

Poor usability.
Speed, mobility and availability no longer meet today’s expectations. The software is unpopular.

Scalability issues.
The application becomes slower as the amount of data increases.

No improvements and new functionalities
New requirements from the business can no longer be implemented as desired and in a good cost/benefit ratio because of the old technology.

High costs in operation.
Operation, maintenance and further development of the application is complex and expensive.

Lack of possibility to evaluate and further process the data.
The data stored in the system can only be made available for reports and other systems with considerable effort.

 Lack of know-how for customizations, updates and patches.
The know-how for adjustments and bug fixes lies with individual employees or external specialists.

Failure risk
You have already experienced system failures several times?

If you can answer YES to one or more questions, the case is clear:

Starter Package – How to start your App Modernization

Are you annoyed with your old Access, Lotus Notes/Domino, VB or .NET applications? Do you want to mitigate the risk of failure and become ready for the cloud? Then fill out the contact form and get your personal starter kit.


$ 99

Per MonthEnvisioning

  • Starting point for modernization projects
  • Discuss your initial situation
  • Overview Microsoft Ecosystem
  • Pointing out solution variants
  • Examples of the Modernization app

Duration: 2 hours
Location: online or at isolutions


$ 99

Per MonthAnalysis & Solution

  • Recording of actual situation Application
  • Creating solution sketches
  • Discussion solution concept
  • Finalization documentation
  • Further procedure

Duration: 2 workshops 3h each
Location: online, at isolutions
or on site.


$ 99

Per MonthPresentation

  • Presentation for management
  • Present solution concept
  • Roadmap and cost indication
  • Discussion and questions
  • Further procedure

Duration: 2 hours
Location: online, at isolutions or on site

Customer stories – these customers have made it.

Talk to our experts about your concerns and get rid of legacy issues today and secure your future business with modern applications.

Christian Haller
Senior Business Development Manager
Cloud Solutions Team Lead

Bill Staub
Head Business Solutions
Member of the management