Consulting and Cloud Transformation

Start with the digital evolution in your company. From cultural change to technological implementation, we will accompany you through the process.

Successful digital transformation is the key to tomorrow’s success in all industries. All aspects of your business are important. The business models and business processes, methodological competencies, the culture and last but not least the effective use of technology. We analyze the status quo of your company and meet you where you are. In doing so, we take into account the size, the industry and the digital maturity of your company.

Our consulting services from A-Z:

Business and customer processes


Entrepreneurially thinking employees will help your company to progress in the long term. Transparent communication and cooperation make such a culture possible. This creates new requirements: for managers, for the (digital) workplace and for the way we think about work.

Modern Leadership

How significant is hierarchy for your cooperation and communication? How can leadership promote digitization?

Modern working environment

We spend a large part of our lives at work. A pleasant and inspiring environment helps your employees to develop their full potential.

Work smart

Flexible, location-independent forms of working are a win-win situation. They increase motivation and productivity while conserving resources.

Business and customer processes

Companies have to react faster and faster to changing conditions. Strategies in today’s world are no longer unchangeable recipes from a drawer, but must change and adapt in shorter cycles. Business processes are no longer static, as companies are constantly opening up new innovative business areas. Customer interaction is becoming increasingly important and the demands on marketing and sales processes are rising.

Strategic agility

Strategy today often means cooking according to a recipe. Nowadays recipes are not becoming superfluous, but it requires a greater willingness to improvise.

Optimization of business and customer processes

During transformation, it makes sense to question or improve what already exists. Before digitization comes optimization – especially in customer-related processes in communication and marketing.

Innovation: future-proof business models

Digital (r)evolution does not only know winners. The last 10 years are full of such examples. We can help you to make your company digitally future-proof.


Methodological competence is a central skill in the digitalized world. The rapidly changing conditions require agile procedures to be implemented and lived. But this creates new demands on the company and the individual.

Agile approach

Agile projects get to market faster and create added value faster. The approach is suitable for markets in transition. The secret of success of these projects lies in their consistent focus on customer benefit.

Trainings & Coaching

Agility is more than just a method. It is a state of mind and requires the correct use of tools. We accompany your company and your employees through this process.

Change Management

To anchor the agile thought in a company, it is not enough to learn only one method. Change affects the culture of the entire company: communication, culture and technology must complement each other on all levels.


No digitization without technology. We support you in your transformation project on three levels: infrastructure, applications for customer processes and the productivity of your employees, and individual solutions. We are also prepared for the future of your company: with the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data analysis.

Cloud Transformation of the infrastructure

We take care of all aspects of cloud transformation of your infrastructure. We analyze the advantages of IaaS or PaaS for you and show you where the use of SaaS offers added value.

Cloud transformation of applications

We show you how to increase the efficiency of your business by migrating your applications to the cloud. Increase productivity and collaboration in your business and get to know your customers better. We will analyze the additional benefits of individual developments and specialist applications together with you.

Innovation from the Cloud

We investigate which areas of your company can benefit from the new technologies from the Azure Cloud. Key technologies such as the Internet of Things, Deep Learning and artificial intelligence are being democratized. We show you how your company can benefit from this.

Kick-Starter and 2Go solutions

Digitizing in the fast lane.

Sometimes things have to happen quickly because the hardware in the data center has reached the end of its life cycle, because the market is completely turning or because internal IT does not have enough free resources. That is when our motto is: “Do one thing and don’t stop doing the other”. With our Kick-Starters, we get them into the cloud as quickly as possible, without skipping the essential questions in advance.